Vending at Our Haven events is FREE and available to those WITH A PAID ENTRY into the festival or camp out. This includes a 12' front for vending. Please contact us if you need more space or additional information.

This endeavor started out as an idea. For years and years, I had the idea in my brain that I wanted to do something magical with my life. I just didn't know what that was. So, about a year ago, I paired up with my best friend and we both decided to go into this magical business together. She found her strengths in wood working, sculpting and mixed media. I found mine in creating unique and special pieces of jewelry. We both decided that no matter where our business took us, we would first and foremost create pieces that had only one owner. It's up to you to find that piece and bring it home with you.

Hello my name is Heather Pottorff and I sell Floral Crowns. I also can do any custom floral crown of your choosing. This is my first year at Our Haven and I am beyond excited to join in on Midsummer Celebration.

Mystic Rings of Time will be providing a unique and diverse selection of products for ALL Spiritual paths at Our Haven`s 14th Annual Beltaine Celebration!

We strive to provide our customers quality products. We are working with individuals and small companies to bring our customers unique items handmade by Witches, Pagans, Wiccans, and Spiritualists.

At most events we bring a large selection of leather journals, alter, ritual items, wooden boxes and chests along with various other items.

Please take the time to visit our web site at If you see any specific items you would like to have there at Beltaine please let us know and We can make sure to have it available.

Our contact information may be found on our web site. We welcome feedback and if you have any question please contact us.

Welcome to Wyrd Wytch Wayz creations by Angel Rose Nox. I provide handcrafted items made with love and purest intent and focus in effort that they may provide inspiration and joy to all they touch. My items include but are not limited to Tree of Life Jewelry and wire art, Runes, Oracle Boards, and more! Visit us on Facebook or my Find us on Etsy!

Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, French Lick, IN