Come join us for some good old fashioned fun, drumming and positive energy during the Midsummer Celebration !

Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, French Lick, IN


BeltanaBeltana Spellsinger - We are pleased to announce that Beltana will be offering a Workshop for Midsummer 2018!

"Opening Up to the Creative Flow: Music, Art, Dance and More; A Meditation and Discussion"
With your workshop hostess - Beltana Spellsinger
This will be an interactive discussion on how to tap into the Creative flow, the Divine Inspiration, the Muse.
We will start with a simple guided meditation (bring blankets or chairs). I will take you on a journey to let your soul open up to all of the Wonder your own creativity has to offer to you, and to the world!
The Earth and the Universe NEEDS your creativity, and your ART, right now!

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ManelquaManelqua - We are pleased to announce that Manelqua will be offering a Workshop on Sacred Touch Ritual based on the Qadishtu Outer Court Ritual for Midsummer 2018!

Gypsy PhoenixfireGypsy Phoenixfire - We are pleased to announce that Gypsy Phoenixfire has been spiritually practicing for 35 years. She is an Anthropologist, an initiated Witch and High Priestess, mystic, poet, student and teacher. She writes neo-pagan spirituals, sings in 3 languages, and is an intuitive drummer and dancer. She reads tarot and other divination systems. She is a spiritual counselor and is committed to teaching and sharing knowledge, offering healing and empowering others to find their true selves and their path. Chant and Song workshop
Gypsy will be teaching some chants and songs in both English and in a Nigerian dialect called Yoruba. A fun and educational workshop not to be missed!

Spiritual Hygiene
Many spiritually aware people forget the importance of maintaining spiritual hygiene. Just as one needs to take care of the physical body, there is a need to take care of one's energy body as well. We will be going over what can accumulate in the energy body and the methods and practices to maintain good spiritual hygiene.
Midsummer 2018!

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Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, French Lick, IN